Thursday, July 23, 2015

Super Tote for a Baby Shower

A very good friend of mine with whom I went to college, is having a baby coming up in October.  She is about 5 years younger than me and like a sister.  She is one of those friends that you can go for months without speaking and then pick right up where you left off.  I adore her so much and I am so excited for her little one, Jackson, to arrive in a few months.

I wanted to do something very special for her, however, a quilt was out because one of her family members has already taken on that task.  After a lot of contemplation, I settled on a bag with the intention of filling it with all kinds of goodies.  I love making bags and I know for a fact that a girl can never have too many bags.  I chose Anna Graham's Super Tote Bag.  The bag is large and has a lot of internal pockets for her to put diapers, bottles, cloths and whatever else it is that babies need to function.

I loved the recessed zipper as well, it adds such a beautiful, professional-looking touch.

I've had this Cotton and Steel fabric sitting in my stash for the longest time and I am obsessed with it.  It popped out at me as the a perfect fit for my good friend.  I am glad that it has found a good home.

I've only started to create the goodies to go inside, but so far I have a diaper clutch that will hold wipes, diapers and will fold out into a changing pad.  It turned out a little smaller than I had hoped, so she may only be able to use the changing pad part for a few months.  I used Bonnie Christine's 'Hello Bear' fabric for the clutch which I think is perfect for a baby boy. I will also add some hand made bibs and burp cloths (I have a full half yard bundle of the line to play with) but I am at a loss for further items.  Obviously I can add some diapers and bottles but I really want to put more hand-made items as well.

Any ideas?



  1. Love it so much! It's awesome to have a great friend like that! :)

    1. Thank you Anna! Yes, they are the best kind of friends :)