Thursday, July 16, 2015

A Round & Round Mini Quilt

Lately, I have taken a hiatus from quilting.  I have 3 actual projects that are quilts that I would really love to finish, but I just haven't been into it lately.  I've been obsessed with making bags so I've put quilting on the back burner.  I'm not worried though.  This happens.  I go in cycles, like the economy. Ha.  So anyway, I was scrolling through Pinterest and I came across a pin of Thimble Blossom's Round & Round Mini quilt and immediately had the urge to make it.  Woo hoo, hiatus over.  Now, I know it's only a mini but it is still quilting and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

My points weren't exactly..well, on point, for lack of a better term.  Maybe I'm a little rusty. I don't care though, I really love this pattern and the turnout of the mini.  I used Aloha girl...just a little bit.  I have a massive fat quarter stash that I have been saving up for another quilt idea that I still haven't started...yeaaaaah.



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