Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A New Beachy Romper for my sweet baby niece

I've been dying to share this latest creation of mine for a couple of weeks now but I was waiting to get a few pictures with my niece...unfortunately, due to circumstances like I have to work, I haven't been able to see her in it.  Finally I just bit the bullet and had my husband drop it off to them when he saw them (them being my brother-in-law and his wife) last weekend.  So I apologize for my lack of pictures with a baby in this sweet outfit, but I was beginning to think I would never get it posted.

The pattern is called The Pleatie Playsuit and it is by Tadah Patterns.  Overall, the pattern was decent to follow along.  It had its moments for sure, where I wished things were explained a little better, but overall, I was able to complete it with a minimal amount of seam-ripping and a moderate level of cursing.  This was also my first time attempting pleats.  They were pretty easy actually and there is absolutely no reason to be afraid of them.  In hindsight, I feel a little silly that I was nervous in the first place.  You just have to pay very close attention to which side you are sewing on, otherwise you have an inside out pleat.

I also made a matching Reversible Bucket Hat to go along with the romper.  This hat was actually a FREE pattern (woohoo) from Oliver and S.  You can find it here.  At the recommendation of this lovely blog Probably Actually, I added an inch to the rim (I used the extra small size, you may want to add a little more for the larger sizes) to make it more of a sun hat.  Probably Actually also links you over to another amazing blog.  Jessica, from A Little Gray, shows an altered version of the pattern, eliminating the hand sewing which in my eyes, is completely awesome because I hate hand sewing and I suck at it.

Isn't Sarah Jane for Michael Miller's Out to Sea line just the sweetest? I've been hoarding loads of it in my stash and I cringe every time I cut into it, but it looks so darn cute on a finished product.

Anyway, I'm glad I finally got this little play thing over to my niece because can you believe, summer is half way over already?



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