Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The miraculous key FOB Tutorial

So, I know there are a million other key FOB tutorials out there waiting to be seen, but since I actually had my camera out and ready to take pictures as I was creating today, I figured I might as well do another one while I am ready and willing.

I see people carrying around these key FOBs all the time and I decided it's about time I make one for myself.  Since they were so easy to make, I created a bunch more and will post them on the my Etsy Shop, in case you are feeling lazy and would rather just buy one.  I am also doing a special promotion for my blog readers.  If you order something from the shop, type in coupon code SEWBLOG to receive a $1.00 discount on any item of your choosing.

Now enough promoting of the shop and onto the tutorial.

Nylon Webbing (I used 1.25" webbing) (10" piece - this can be variable if you want a smaller/larger band)
Ribbon (My ribbon was 1" in width and worked well with the 1.25" webbing (10" or same size as your webbing)
Sewing Machine
Basting Spray (Any brand will do) or Double sided hem tape
Key FOB hardware - make sure it is the same width of your nylon webbing - I get mine here.
Duck tape or regular tape or cloth or anything soft to wrap around pliers

1. Cut your nylon webbing and ribbon to be the same length (or somewhere close)

2. If you are using hem tape, cut your hem tape to the same length as the webbing, lay on top of webbing, and then layer ribbon on top.  Press with dry iron.   If you are using basting spray (I prefer this method), spray baste on back of the ribbon and then press ribbon onto nylon webbing.  Do not spray baste nylon webbing or the sides of your key FOB are going to be sticky...gross.

3.  Edge stitch down the sides of ribbon on the webbing, pivot at corners.  Don't forget to back stitch at the start and finish.  I used my Bernina patchwork foot and aligned my ribbon just inside the foot edge and it worked like a charm.

4. Trim edges of webbing if they are frayed.

5. Fold webbing in half and insert evenly into key fob hardware.

6.  Wrap your pliers in whatever material you choose (I ghettoed it up with a strip of fabric), place the pliers in the CENTER of the key fob and give it a nice squeeze.

Here is what happens if you try to do the sides get a distorted key fob.  I guess this one will be mine. Ha. 

7.  Now squeeze each side. Make sure you clamp down hard so those little prongs dig into the webbing, otherwise your key FOB will come apart.  I did that too.

8.  Attach the included key ring and you are done!

9.  Admire your work and take many pictures.  Share them with me too! I would love to see what you created!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

City Gym Shorts from The Purl Bee

I don't know about you, but we had a HOT Memorial Day here in Lancaster, PA.  I think it reached 90 degrees yesterday, a far cry from the 60's we've been sitting at for the rest of the week.  Personally, I prefer the 60's.

Anyway, I whipped up a pair of these City Gym Shorts from The Purl Bee and thoroughly enjoyed getting some use out of them yesterday.  I do love these shorts so much.  I love the retro look that that binding and the that 'V' slit thing on the side gives.  I used Robert Kaufman's Essex Dyed Linen in Flax for the back and binding.  For the front accent material I used an old line of Fig Tree & Co called California Girl.  I think that was my favorite line of theirs so far and it has long since been discontinued.  I was lucky enough to find a little bit at a local quilt shop on sale, so I stocked up big time.  I don't fabric hoard though, ahem.

I haven't done too much garment making since I've been sewing, and I have to say, these are a great beginner project.  The instructions were clear and easy to follow.  They also have a great tutorial on making your own bias binding, you can find it here.  I couldn't find my bias tape maker so after cutting the strips and sewing them together, I just folded it in half and ironed, and then folded each raw edge into the center crease and pressed again.  It worked like a charm.  I do have to say, I'm impressed my bias tape on these shorts, but I will attribute that to The Purl Bee's wonderful tutorial and instructions.

I'm going to apologize for my poor picture quality.  We were stuck using my iPhone as my camera battery died before we were able to get any pictures.  It's always something.  At some point, I'll post some good photos of things that I make on here.

Also, I'm VERY awkward when getting my photo taken...definitely not meant to be a model.  As I was going through the photos, most of them my face looked extremely pained, it's making me laugh very hard right now, but what fun would life be if were were all perfect eh?


Sunday, May 17, 2015

Leather Accent Fold Over Pouches by LBG Studios make amazing gifts

I'm not sure if I ever mentioned, actually I don't remember since it's been almost a year since I posted last, but I am a Registered Nurse.  Recently, I moved back from Florida to my hometown of Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

This happened for a multitude of reasons which I won't get into at the moment, but one of the bigger reasons is for my job.  I've wanted to be an Oncology Nurse since I first started nursing school.  Down in Florida, I worked on an Oncology unit but it was mostly med/surg and complications of treatment.  It was a great intro into nursing and a great first job, but I really wanted to be involved in more of the treatment and research.  There is an amazing hospital near my hometown that does Bone Marrow Transplants and has an amazing cancer unit, and I was lucky enough to get a job there.

So, while I am already a registered nurse, there are a lot of policies and procedures and techniques in nursing that differ from facility to facility.  As a result, when a nurse starts at a new facility, they must go through a very long and intense orientation where a preceptor or preceptors teach and guide you until you are ready to be on your own.  I am now two weeks from being on my own and I have had some amazing preceptors that I wanted to thank.

I had a slight idea of what I wanted to make for them, it had to be versatile and classy.  Enter the Leather Accent Fold Over Pouch by LBG Studios.  You can find the pattern here.   This pattern is so well written.  It is honestly the most beautiful pouch I have made to date, and thanks to the amazing instructions, I didn't have to rip one stitch.

For the accents, I used suede from the company Leathercraft, found at Joann's.  It is thick and beautiful.  For the blue pouch, I used Hawthorne Thread's screen printed fabric title 'Rhythmic' in indigo.  For the pink pouch, I used a piece from Bonnie Christine's "Winged" line.  I embroidered the monograms with my Janome 350e.

They come together so easily and flawlessly. Good thing too, because I've got 2 more to whip up...

I will put an end to my bloody

So I have a confession to make...

I'm a terrible blogger.  I never keep up with my posts.  Last time I posted was August 14, 2014.  I mean, seriously?  Thats ridiculous.

You see, it's not been a lack of sewing because I have been doing PLENTY of that.  Which makes the whole situation worse because I have so much that I would love to share and get feedback on, but I'm just. too. lazy.  You see, the real honest problem, is that I hate transferring pictures from my camera to my computer.  That's it, I'm serious.  I hate doing it.  I could just use my phone since I have all mac products and they integrate very easily, but they don't look nearly as good as when I take them on my Nikon.

So I'm going to work on this problem starting today.  My goal is to post at least once a week and I'm going to work really really really hard at it.  You see, the blogging world is amazing because there is a massive network of people all over the world, right at your fingertips, who are ready to collaborate and help and share and converse.  It's amazing and my laziness is keeping me from that.

So today is the day I am going to integrate my anti-social lazy self into that amazing  world.  Later, I will be posting my LBG-Studio fold-over clutches.  I have been sewing up quite a few for gifts lately and they are amazing and the pattern is absolutely the best.

So stay tuned, I'm coming back.  I promise.