Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Playground Quilt - A Long Work in Progress

So this little gem has been sitting in my WIP pile for a few months now and I finally broke it out again this week.  I almost have all of the blocks complete, but with trying to add things to the store and our recent move and any other excuse in the book that I can think of, this little lovely has been sitting lonely in my chest for a while. 

I started it as soon as Bonnie and Camille's latest line, Daysail, came out.  I love this line so much.  The colors and textures are a perfect depiction of a day out on the water.  The colors come together and can feel masculine or feminine...the perfect gender-neutral palette.  I made my blocks using a layer cake and it works perfectly to cut into the 4.5" and slightly larger squares.

 The pattern comes from Camille Roskelley's book Simply Retro.  I guess it would be an understatement to say I am obsessed with this book.  The pictures and colors are beautiful and there is not a quilt in it that I would not be willing to make.  Her instructions are clear and precise and her added tips are perfect for the novice or experienced quilter.  This may sounds like a sponsored post but I assure you it's not...I don't really have any readers so it wouldn't really benefit them to sponsor me, ha.

 Camille calls this pattern Playground.  She created it for her boys and reminisces about their younger years on the playground.  To me, it reminds me of those orange life rings...which is ultimately what made me decide to use the Daysail line for this quilt.

Hopefully there will be more to come with a finished quilt soon.  Until then...



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