Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The miraculous key FOB Tutorial

So, I know there are a million other key FOB tutorials out there waiting to be seen, but since I actually had my camera out and ready to take pictures as I was creating today, I figured I might as well do another one while I am ready and willing.

I see people carrying around these key FOBs all the time and I decided it's about time I make one for myself.  Since they were so easy to make, I created a bunch more and will post them on the my Etsy Shop, in case you are feeling lazy and would rather just buy one.  I am also doing a special promotion for my blog readers.  If you order something from the shop, type in coupon code SEWBLOG to receive a $1.00 discount on any item of your choosing.

Now enough promoting of the shop and onto the tutorial.

Nylon Webbing (I used 1.25" webbing) (10" piece - this can be variable if you want a smaller/larger band)
Ribbon (My ribbon was 1" in width and worked well with the 1.25" webbing (10" or same size as your webbing)
Sewing Machine
Basting Spray (Any brand will do) or Double sided hem tape
Key FOB hardware - make sure it is the same width of your nylon webbing - I get mine here.
Duck tape or regular tape or cloth or anything soft to wrap around pliers

1. Cut your nylon webbing and ribbon to be the same length (or somewhere close)

2. If you are using hem tape, cut your hem tape to the same length as the webbing, lay on top of webbing, and then layer ribbon on top.  Press with dry iron.   If you are using basting spray (I prefer this method), spray baste on back of the ribbon and then press ribbon onto nylon webbing.  Do not spray baste nylon webbing or the sides of your key FOB are going to be sticky...gross.

3.  Edge stitch down the sides of ribbon on the webbing, pivot at corners.  Don't forget to back stitch at the start and finish.  I used my Bernina patchwork foot and aligned my ribbon just inside the foot edge and it worked like a charm.

4. Trim edges of webbing if they are frayed.

5. Fold webbing in half and insert evenly into key fob hardware.

6.  Wrap your pliers in whatever material you choose (I ghettoed it up with a strip of fabric), place the pliers in the CENTER of the key fob and give it a nice squeeze.

Here is what happens if you try to do the sides get a distorted key fob.  I guess this one will be mine. Ha. 

7.  Now squeeze each side. Make sure you clamp down hard so those little prongs dig into the webbing, otherwise your key FOB will come apart.  I did that too.

8.  Attach the included key ring and you are done!

9.  Admire your work and take many pictures.  Share them with me too! I would love to see what you created!


  1. Love the tutorial. I might actually make one of these. I have the hardware already but never made one.