Friday, August 1, 2014

Children at Play...

Do you remember playing dress up as a child? I'm pretty sure it was one of my favorite pastimes. In fact, in a way, it still is.  I guess in theory, most of us never stop playing dress up.  We sift through outfits trying to find that perfect one for the day.  We try on outfit after outfit in the store, checking ourselves out, attempting to "look pretty".  Dress up is just another form of us trying to look like the best version of ourselves, and I think sometimes, we forget how fun it once was.

I love this Children at Play fabric by Sarah Jane.  It gives a little sense of nostalgia.  I am making this quilt for my niece who will be 4 this month.  I am hoping that one day when she is older, she will pull this out and remember her play days and not to forget to keep playing...even as she grows older.


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